Just like Hercules, Penny also traveled all the way from North Carolina (from a different breeder) to be with us. She traveled quite the distance and came with the biggest personality! Penny is very curious to learn and is always up for an advenure. She loves to play and is most happy when she is chasing a tennis ball or swimmig in the pool.


Weight: 125 lbs

Height at Shoulders: 24"

Circumference of Head: 24"


Shortly after we got married we decided to add our sweet "little" Arlo to our family.  Only to find out "little" was the last thing she would be. Tyler drove to Oklahoma and back home in less than 48 hours to pick up Arlo from a small town farm. She's very calm and although a little more shy than the other two, she takes her role and "guard dog" very seriously. Though if she finds a cozy spot to curl up her role quickly shifts over to "The Queen of Naps"



And it wasn't long after we added Arlo to our family that we decided she needed a friend to grow and play with; which is where April comes into play! April came to us from Colorado and she came with the BEST personality! She's very obedient and eager to please. She's also so patient with our 1.5 year old son She lets him climb all over her and is always close by to catch him when he needs some extra balance.

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